Lady Patriots $995 Package


615 Total Pieces


We are happy to offer this discounted package to the Lady Patriots. Float loading included with the purchase of a package.  (Picture is only a sample of package contents and does not include all items.)

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48 – Small Red, White, Blue Hula Hoops (2522016)
24Jumbo Red, White & Blue Garlic Bead (101013)
24Red & Silver Jumbo Bead (101031)
12 – American Flag Bead (2564012)
12Metallic Star Bead (101017)
12Drawstring Backpack (1577001)
48American Flags (1577004)
6Red Boa
24Red, White & Blue Sunglasses (2992005)
12LED Tambourines (2349035)
6Plush Sequin Heart (1646018)
36Black & Gold Footballs (2414010)
48 – RWB Peace Beads
48 – RWB Star Bead
123pc Red White & Blue Metallic Bead
123pc Butterfly Set
12LED Star Specter
12LED Heart Specter
24Metallic Legend Sword
24Teddy Bear Roses
12Medium Umbrellas
12Red Fur Handcuffs
12LED Red White & Blue Bead (101003)
24Plush Turtle (1646011)
12Cat Purses (907003)
12Metallic Heart Bead (101014)
363pc Patriotic Star Bead Set (101016)
12Drum (2538004)
12Tutus (2765001)
15Zipper Bags


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